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May 2021.

A two-day focused health event, which took place in early May, put the spotlight on men’s health issues. This community health project took place in Loeriesfontein, helping to screen and treat one hundred male community members.

This health event, funded by Loeriesfontein Wind Farm, is the first time that a project of this nature has focused on male health issues specifically. Previous targeted health service events focused on either the whole community or women only. However, following requests from male community members, the Health Revival Clinic, which is very well acquainted with the community of Loeriesfontein, delivered a specialised programme.

Access to health services is limited in Loeriesfontein, with community members having to travel up to 390km, for scans and assessments. Alternatively, they can make use of private medical services within 140 km from the town, but at a much higher financial cost.

“Our aim is to contribute to a healthy community by providing access to a number of important treatments and services that aren’t regularly available in Loeriesfontein,” explained Vanessa Fredericks Economic Development Manager for Khobab Wind Farm and Loeriesfontein Wind Farm.

The health event included the provision of body scans; monitoring of temperature and multi-functional blood circulation; as well as various treatments targeted at men’s health specifically. Health education and awareness in terms of general health and Covid-19, was additionally provided.

One of the beneficiaries of the community initiative, Johnsie Meyer, praised Revival Clinic’s services, saying, “The doctor and his staff treated patients very professionally. Their services are sincerely appreciated in our community.”

This is the second health event, funded as part of the wind farm’s economic development programme. The collaboration with Innovo Mobile Healthcare provided care to a total of 414 patients who were screened over a ten-day period. 128 community patients had dental extractions or received referrals for extensive dental procedures. Over 130 patients were fitted for glasses, in addition to the 135 patients that were referred to an ophthalmologist. Medication to treat various ailments was also issued to patients.