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June 2022.

Loeriesfontein Primary School was excited to receive a new school bus, which was handed over last month, 4 May 2022. Over 400 learners will benefit from access to transport, which is providing access to out-of-town sporting, cultural, and academic events.

“Prior to receiving this support, most of the learners were unable to attend the school events that take place outside of Loeriesfontein, due to lack of transportation. This support will also empower learners to participate in extramural activities that are offered at the school,” explained Vanessa Fredericks, Economic Development Manager for Loeriesfontein Wind Farm, which provided the funding for this school bus.

The vehicle will also allow teachers to attend workshops, thus better preparing them to teach learners to their maximum potential. These activities aid in the holistic development of the learners.

“With this support, learners will be able to take part in school sport days and extra-curricular activities, such as WOW and the Eisteddfod, on a much lower budget. This will also enable learners to partake in academic events,” concluded Loeriesfontein Primary School Principal, Joline Klaaste.

This support forms part of the wind farm’s Socio-Economic Development programme, which has a strong focus on youth upliftment and education through investments in sport and recreational activities, as well as academic support programmes.